2022 Most Favorable Currency Asset Management in Asia-Pacific with Recognition from Authoritative Institutions in China. “BAYBANNFA Ltd has been invited to the CIBN funding show twice”

The global economy and finance will slowly return to normal in 2022, and China is expected to recover at the fastest pace. China has set policy direction such as improving the level of liberalization and facilitating cross-border trade and investment in the New Year of the Tiger. Pilot projects to facilitate cross-border trade and investment are launched to encourage the development of new business formats and models to improve the applicability scenarios of cross-border financial services. In order to stabilize the macroeconomy, reform and opening up in the area of ​​foreign exchange will be deepened.

Open door policies in China are firm and foreign companies are welcome

According to the latest Business Confidence Survey 2021/22 released by the German Chamber of Commerce in China, more than 71% of companies plan to increase their investment in China, indicating that German companies in China remain confident about opportunity to do business in China, and 60% of German companies in China saw business growth in 2021. There is no doubt that China’s economic growth and future market development prospects are promising for foreign companies from Germany and the United States. China has long been a major destination for foreign investment. In fact, it ranks second in the world in terms of the scale of foreign investment over the past four years.

China remains attractive for foreign investment, which is motivated by efforts to open up the market and improve the business environment.

The size and growth of the Chinese market as well as the continued opening up of the country will continue to attract foreign capital inflows. KPMG reports that China’s foreign direct investment will remain high in 2022, with foreign investors paying particular attention to wealth management, new energy and high-tech industries. According to the head of UBS Securities, China is developing its new economy and promoting sustainable development, which translates into policy benefits, and the company has continued to expand its multiple businesses.

In the initial global outlook in 2022 on the development of the international financial market in the new year, it is discovered that BAYBANNFA Ltd, classified as favorable foreign exchange asset management in 2022, was questioned for the second time by the financial channel authoritative, interpret the new macro development trend of FOREX and financial market, explore the new policy framework in real time, and project into the whole.

CIBN – China International Broadcasting Network launched its “Fortune World” live fundraising program. On January 21 and 28, 2022, which featured a brand new character: BAYBANNFA Ltd. Fortune World invited BAYBANNFA Ltd to officially share the positive outlook of the FOREX market, which received enthusiastic responses from investors and the public around the world. BAYBANNFA Ltd Asia-Pacific President Mr. Mark introduced and explained the industry policy framework. He expressed confidence in the current growth momentum of domestic commodity futures exchanges. With the increasingly stable development of China’s foreign exchange market, there will be more opportunities for wealth creation in the future.

BAYBANNFA Ltd is considered an international investment and asset management company. He was one of the early pioneers of online FOREX trading in Central America, and his dazzling performance frequently surprises the market. It is a pillar for providing more effective technical support and concept guidance for global fintech, and it has devised effective plans to optimize China’s economic development environment, actively mobilize social vitality, and strengthen development. of the Chinese financial industry.

Indeed, many authoritative institutions in Asia-Pacific countries and China have recognized the investment and asset management capabilities of BAYBANNFA Ltd, as well as its international financial vision. The group has always adhered to the strong development of the financial market, carried out comprehensive digitalization, professional assistance in financial management, transformed the traditional financial foreign exchange market of China’s financial industry, accelerated its expansion in digital, networked and intelligent, has developed vigorously and actively promoted digital construction to continuously stimulate investment demand.

The combination and development of Chinese macro-policies demonstrate the advantages of the whole Chinese economic system; Considered a favorable foreign exchange asset management by the Asia-Pacific region, BAYBANNFA Ltd is expected to contribute to the achievement of the main goals and tasks of global economic development and make an outstanding contribution to the future development of global and Chinese financial institutions!

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