Department of Foreign Affairs observes Foreign Service Day

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrated the first day of Foreign Service. To mark the day, the ministry held a special ceremony attended by Foreign Minister Narayan Khadka and Foreign Secretary Bharat Raj Paudyal.

On this occasion, Khadka and Poudyal jointly congratulated nine senior officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who held different positions in the ministry before 1961. Informing on the background and background of the foreign service day, Paudyal said that the ministry plans to mark this day every year. To mark the day, the ministry has invited senior officials and current and retired diplomats.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs extended warm greetings on the occasion of Foreign Service Day to all serving and retired Foreign Service officials of Nepal and all those associated with this service and its reinforcement.

The institution of Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is one of the oldest of its kind in Asia. After the unification of Nepal by King Prithivi Narayan Shah in 1769, an office called Jaishi Kotha was established to deal with foreign affairs, especially relations with Tibet and China.

It was the first institution dedicated to foreign affairs in Nepal. Jaishi Kotha’s name was changed to “Munshi Khana” during Bhimsen Thapa’s premiership, and Jaishi Kotha was retained as a unit of Munshi Khana.