Elenteny Imports and Koverly team up to save importers on currency


Elenteny Imports and Koverly announce a partnership to offer the best exchange rates on the market to importers of wine, spirits, beer and cider.

September 21 – New York, NY – Elenteny Imports, an industry leader in logistics for wine, spirits and beer importers, including freight forwarding and compliance, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Koverly , Inc. to provide the industry’s best warranty, no charge, currency rates to Elenteny customers.

The partnership between Elenteny Imports and Koverly leverages modern solutions to create an easier way to do business with the world, bringing unprecedented convenience, predictability and cost to the beverage alcohol industry.

Koverly, a foreign exchange and payment-on-credit platform designed for importers, tracks the mid-market rate, continuously updating to provide importers with the best guaranteed market exchange rates – typically allowing small and medium sized businesses save $4-6,000 for every $1 million in foreign currency. currency purchases.

“Partnering with Elenteny Imports allows Koverly’s technology to be leveraged by a segment of importers who have been significantly impacted by Covid and the resulting supply chain issues,” said Igor Ostrovsky, Founder and CEO. by Coverly. “We are proud to not only help these importers improve efficiency and save on currency, but also provide them with much-needed credit solutions to help them bring inventory to the United States and increase their profitability.”

Koverly’s platform provides Elenteny importers with online global payment tools, including:

  • Real-time exchange rates and no bank transfer fees
  • Online money transfers in over 70 currencies to over 110 countries
  • Ability to lock in current exchange rates for future payments
  • 30-day interest-free line of credit for currency purchases with option to extend payment terms for up to 24 weeks (KoverlyPay approval required)

“Elenteny Imports is pleased to partner with Koverly to provide the best guaranteed exchange rates and offer our customers a free 30-day interest-free extension on payments to their suppliers. We are excited to expand our service portfolio to our customers in one simple and easy to use platform,” Tim Elenteny, Founder of Elenteny Imports.

About Elenteny Imports

Founded in 2010, Elenteny Imports is a B2B logistics company serving US importers and wine, beer and spirits brands looking for a modern approach to alcohol distribution in the United States. We are the 55th largest importer in the United States. Elenteny helps hundreds of businesses navigate the three-tier system to easily expand their market reach, ensuring every detail from initial order to final sale, allowing importers and brands to focus on what matters to them. makes it grow. : supply and sale. For more information, please visit www.elentenyimports.com

About Koverly

Founded in 2020, Koverly is a foreign exchange and credit payment platform designed for importers. A modern financial technology solution specializing in foreign exchange, business credit services and integrated web-based accounting tools, Koverly provides businesses with a single platform to manage their global and local payments. Koverly provides real-time exchange rates in over 70 currencies for international payments to over 110 countries. In 2022, Koverly introduced a business line of credit called KoverlyPay, allowing approved businesses more time to pay bills – Koverly pays bills on time and the user pays Koverly over time in weekly installments via the payment plan of their choice. Koverly users can transfer money online via ACH, credit card or KoverlyPay. www.koverly.com

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