Foreign Minister sets example of Iran-Venezuela brotherhood

“Iran and Venezuela are an example of will and brotherhood in promoting the development of the potential of the two nations, strengthening scientific and technological cooperation through the exchange of experiences,” he said on his twitter account.

The day before, the trade exhibition was inaugurated here with the presence of 79 companies from the Persian nation and some 350 national companies, which seek to promote new economic ecosystems, based on the integration of knowledge, science and technology as a transformative element.

Also in the aforementioned social network, President Nicolás Maduro said that “all the projects, solutions and progress that we can articulate with our brothers in Iran are impressive. It is Venezuela that grows and advances for the development of the homeland. “Venezuela reborn!”.

We will continue to bet on agricultural, scientific, technological, industrial and cultural exchanges with countries that share our goal: it is the well-being of peoples, he pointed out.

At the opening of the Expo Fair, the President stressed the importance of multipolar integration in the 21st century, to the detriment of hegemonism.

Accompanied by the Sectoral Vice-President of Science, Technology, Education and Health, Gabriela Jiménez, the Head of State appreciated the scientific and technological advances of the Persian nation in the development of nanotechnologies, drugs, automobiles and others.

Maduro stressed that we are living the birth and consolidation in the dynamics of a new multipolar and multicentric world, in which the Islamic Republic is one of the emerging powers that is gradually consolidating.

“They will not be able to avoid it, they will not be able to and will not be able to, the 21st century will be the century of the multipolar and multicentric world, a new balance of the universe, as Bolívar said 200 years ago years,” he said. said.