Italian foreign minister ‘almost lynched’ as angry mob erupts | World | New

Luigi Di Maio was branded a ‘traitor’ when he arrived to present his plan in Naples, Campania on Saturday. Mr Di Maio, who quit the 5 Star Movement to create his Civic Engagement party after the fall of Mario Draghi’s government in July, was greeted by angry mobs demanding he “go away”. Members of security had to intervene to keep the protesters away from the Italian foreign minister, but the angry public still hurled abuse at him as he walked past.

And a distant male voice could be heard shouting, “Traitor. Murderer. You’re a sellout!”

Mr Di Maio has represented the Campania 1-Acerra constituency since 2013 and is running for re-election in the seat of Fuorigrotta, on the outskirts of Naples.

Commenting on the exchange, Twitter user @RadioGenova wrote: “Italian Foreign Minister insulted and nearly lynched by angry mob in Naples.

“Rescued by the police. This person is one of the main responsible for the increase in energy bills in Italy. In Naples, we do not joke.”

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The foreign minister visited Irpin in August and reiterated that Italy “is not abandoning” Ukraine.

He reiterated adding, “I believe in a diplomatic way to find peace and defend democracy.”

Mr Conte pushed back against accusations of placing his party in a pro-Putin stance by rejecting plans for continued support for Ukraine.

He insisted that he supported the position of the Russian president “defamed me”.

But he insisted that “peace must be built, no one can tell us that Putin doesn’t want it”.

He added, “Peace must be built day by day.”