LIVE: Ukrainian Foreign Minister says tank fire has been recorded in east of country

Live Updates: There is a growing Russian military presence on Ukraine’s borders, Western nations warned on Wednesday, as Estonia said battlegroups were advancing towards a likely attack to occupy ‘key ground’, contradicting insistence of Moscow for a withdrawal.

Other armored vehicles, helicopters and a field hospital were spotted, Britain’s defense intelligence chief said, according to Reuters.

The income tax department on Thursday raided the properties of Chitra Ramkrishna, the former chief executive of the National Stock Exchange, for alleged escape. Regular Indian Markets last week imposed a Rs 3 crore fine on Ramkrishna in a new order in the collocation case. He also blamed Ramkrishna for leading the exchange at the request of a mysterious yogi.

The Supreme Court has overturned a High Court order reversing the Haryana government’s decision to reserve 75% of private sector jobs for in-state residents. The Supreme Court on Thursday ordered Haryana not to take enforcement action against employers, PTI reported.


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