Niger welcomes German Foreign Minister

German Ambassador ANNELINA BERBOCK was in Niger as part of a trip to the Sahel zone to strengthen Germany’s ties with regional authorities.

After arriving in Niamey, Baerbock visited the country’s president, Mohamed Bazoum, who was particularly interested in discussions of terrorism and climate change.

“As German Foreign Minister, I am very pleased that in addition to the important issue of climate protection, for which we as Germany want to provide strong support over the next few years, and also want to support security, that education is such an important issue for the president, and we will give our support, because education is the most important thing for young people, and it also unites our two countries.

His arrival in the Sahelian zone comes at a critical time for Europeans. France’s decision to withdraw its soldiers from Mali in response to the rise of Russian private military companies set off a chain reaction. This week, the bloc decided to suspend the training of soldiers in the region.

Hassoumi Massaoudou also met Baerbock and reminded him that Berlin had provided 100 million euros in aid to displaced people in the region.

After meeting with residents of southwestern Niger, the minister promised to provide the United Nations World Food Program with an additional €15 million for its efforts to tackle the country’s food crisis.