PDP, CNG demand that Masari resign because he has not protected human life


• Governments that are not in charge of security by name, says Masari’s advisor
Francis Sardauna in Katsina
The Katsina State People’s Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday called on Alhaji State Governor Aminu Masari to resign with immediate effect for encouraging residents to purchase weapons and defend themselves against bandits.

Similarly, the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) reprimanded Masari for failing to protect life and property.

While Katsina PDP chairman Alhaji Salisu Majigiri called for Masari’s resignation at a meeting with journalists, CNG urged the governor to resign in a statement signed by his Northwest Coordinator Alhaji Aliyu Charanchi.

At the meeting with journalists, Majigiri cited Masari’s testimony as a justification for the failure, saying his government had failed to protect the lives and property of citizens as enshrined in Chapter 2 of the 1999 Constitution.

After raising awareness among northwestern youth about electronic registration at the party secretariat in Katsina, the chairman of the chapter said that the main responsibility of the government was the safety and well-being of citizens.
He said, “When the governor, as the state’s chief security officer, cannot provide security for the people of his state, the easiest way is to step down.

Masari vowed to protect and defend the 1999 Constitutional provisions of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, but failed to provide welfare and security to the people. He has nothing to do but step back and make room for people who can offer welfare and security to the people. “

In its statement yesterday, the coalition exhorted Masari to resign for failure to protect human life, an obligation he swore under the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
The statement said that Masari’s phone call “revealed his weakness and inability to protect the lives and property of citizens and to fight the bandits, kidnappers and cattle thieves.”

The state government has “exhausted all possibilities by admitting the loss of the necessary courage and political will to cope with the security challenges in the country and further dampening public confidence.

“The residents of the state are exposed to a raging uprising, regular bandit attacks on communities and daily kidnappings for ransom. There is no hope of a better tomorrow, ”lamented the coalition in its statement.
It therefore complained that the CNG had particularly taken note of the seemingly frustrated instruction from the governor of Jibia calling on residents of the state to “arm themselves in order to protect themselves against threats.

“The governor’s statement also raises fundamental concerns that the state government actually has no control and is incapable of protecting the lives of innocent citizens.
“The audacity with which armed criminals freely ride around to terrorize, massacre, loot and evict Katsina communities without backlash from government forces calls into question the willingness, willingness, honesty and ability, the tendency towards anarchy in those affected Curb sharing. “”.

“Any government that has not fulfilled its primary responsibility is best for the head of administration to step down honorably. We regard this single act of the governor as a sign that proves beyond any doubt that the people of the state have been abandoned.

“The Masari government represents a citadel of bad governance, indifference and indifference, exposed to rampant rioting, regular bandit attacks on communities and daily ransom abductions, and there is no hope for a better future,” the statement said.
However, the statement called on the state government and critical interest groups to “strengthen vigilante activities in the state and mobilize resources to conduct their activities and purchase equipment”.

However, in a statement yesterday, Masari’s director-general for media, Labaran Malumfashi, labeled those who called for his director’s resignation as angry elements posing as human rights defenders.
Malumfashi stated that security “is on the exclusive list of laws in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which he said was the exclusive mandate of the federal government.
He said: “As constitutionally elected incumbents, governors do not succumb to the intimidation of some selfish angry elements who, by resigning, pose as human rights defenders.
“In security matters, a governor is only the chief security officer of his state in name because the various security chiefs working in the state take orders not from him but from their superiors in Abuja,” the statement said.

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