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UK. ChangeGroup has been awarded a five-year contract as the exclusive foreign exchange services operator at London Gatwick Airport. The deal will see the global foreign exchange and financial services provider invest around £2million in the airport and create an additional 200 jobs.

ChangeGroup will operate 15 foreign exchange offices and 70 ATMs in the airport’s North and South terminals.

ChangeGroup will rebrand each store, adding LED signage to improve the appearance of the units, with the aim of “engaging customers and improving their overall experience at the airport”.

The range of services includes fast travel cash, international bank transfers and redemption cover, as well as concession banking to support other operators within the airport.

Family-owned ChangeGroup has been providing foreign exchange and financial services since 1992, with Gatwick expanding its reach in Europe

More than 50 staff members have already been welcomed on board to operate the branches, and ChangeGroup hopes to employ another 150 before the end of the year.

ChangeGroup offers foreign exchange services in over 50 currencies, while multi-currency ATMs can dispense up to three major currencies. ChangeGroup served over 4.1 million customers in 2019, with plans in place to return to this level of service in 2022 as the travel and tourism industry continues its recovery.

CEO and co-founder of ChangeGroup International, Sasha Zackariya, said: “Becoming the exclusive operator of all foreign exchange agencies at one of the UK’s largest airports is certainly something we are very proud of. Gatwick has a reputation for investing in its airport space, improving the customer experience and genuinely caring about its passengers. This is an airport London can truly be proud of and we are delighted to be working at this exceptional travel centre.

“ChangeGroup has a proven track record of demonstrating our operational excellence in travel gateways, and we are confident that this model will continue at Gatwick.”

Jonathan Pollard, Commercial Director of London Gatwick Airport, said: “We are delighted to welcome ChangeGroup as the sole operator of all our foreign exchange offices and ATM terminals at the airport. Our passengers will benefit from new currency exchange facilities throughout the airport, while the local economy will also receive a boost, with another 150 employees expected to start working for ChangeGroup in the coming months.

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