The New World Order: The Conspiracy Theory and the Power of the Internet


“That Illuminati, a mysterious international organization made up of the highest political and social elites in the world, controls the functioning of the whole world behind the scenes ”. This is the most famous New World Order conspiracy theory in the world.

For hundreds of years legends about the Illuminati have been spread and many people currently believe that the Illuminati still exists. It is believed that the Illuminati operate in various fields such as world politics, military, finance and mass media and control the historical process around the world.

The ultimate goal is to establish a New World Order. Nobody can prove it, but a lot of people believe it. This is the greatest paradox about conspiracy theories.

In the 2009 film, Angels and demons – based on Dan Brown’s bestseller of the same name about Professor Langdon, played by Tom Hanks – the story of Illuminati, which supposedly originated in the Age of Enlightenment in Europe, has been recalled. There have been physicists, mathematicians, and astronomers who have questioned the “erroneous teachings” of the authority of the Holy See and turned to the scientific field of the search for truth.

After all, that is Illuminati were forced to become a secret organization and have been recruiting for hundreds of years to this day. In Angels and demons, the historical facts are clearly questionable and the film was released after the great economic crisis of 2007-2008.

The New World Order conspiracy theory has been around for a long time and is full of mysterious theories that, however, convince many people who are powerless and dissatisfied with the current state of the world.

That Illuminatiwho work to establish a New World Order by planning a series of political and financial events (the Tsunami from 2007-2008 should be from the Illuminati), try to influence the course of world history and ultimately establish an authoritarian world government.

New World Order theory supporters believe that even the powerful US government is now just a puppet government. While another “shadow government” made up of a few people makes decisions that will change the fate of the planet.

You might think all of these are just crazy theories. However, many people believe that this is true. According to a 2013 poll by the Public Policy Polling Foundation, 28% of US voters believe the New World Order will indeed prevail.

Brian L. Keeley, a philosophy professor at Pitts College devoted to studying modern conspiracy theories, believes that an important characteristic of conspiracy theorists is that they quote some trivial and overlooked incidents and then suggest a perfect explanation compared to an embarrassed official one Answer. The reason the conspiracy theory explanation can be widely used is that it has no reasoning process to deny. It’s just a judgment that jumps straight from hypothesis to conclusion. In the reasoning process, it is just a subjective interpretation of the event.

Nevertheless, for the public who do not fully understand the incident, conspiracy theory provides an “explanation” for the unknown part of said incident, and this “explanation” cannot be denied (because its very existence is not corroborated by real arguments and facts) . It is therefore recognized as a valid argument by many people.

For example, no one has solid evidence that the Illuminati actually exist, but no one can prove that the Illuminati are purely fictional. Hence, you cannot deny its existence because its existence is “perfection without evidence.”

Columnist Martha Gill wrote in The guard on the subject, description of the Illuminati as the most enduring conspiracy theoretic organization in world history.

“Conspiracy theories related to the 1969 moon landing mission, the Kennedy assassination, the 9/11 attacks, etc. are all limited to a specific time and place. But conspiracy theories that support the existence of the Illuminati can connect them. However, anything about these connections is difficult to prove. ”In other words, the supporters of conspiracy theories may have a common imagination and attribute everything to this organization in order to explain every irrational phenomenon in the world.

Although no one real existence of the Illuminati, there is actually an alleged “global shadow government” in the world whose name is the Bilderberg Group. The Bilderberg Group hosts an annual world-class private gathering and attendees include elites from all walks of life such as government, business, media, science and technology.

Known as the “most mysterious conference in the world”, the Bilderberg Group invites various famous personalities from politics and business to attend their meetings every year.

Prince Bernhard van Lippe-Biesterfeld (1911-2004) held the first meeting in 1954. The venue for the meeting was the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, this name was used as the name of the group.

The existence of the Bilderberg Group is not a secret, but the content of the topics discussed at the conferences is completely confidential and the mainstream media cannot cover the content of the meetings.

The Bilderberg Group issues a press release every year to introduce the conference participants and an overview of the topics discussed. Over the years, attendees have come from many places including Prince Philip of Edinburgh (1921-2021) the British Royal Family, Crown Prince Charles, former British Prime Ministers, French President Macron, German Chancellor Merkel, former US Presidents Bush and Clinton , and even Bill Gates and other internet giants. There were also Italians, as reported years ago in a newspaper in our country.

The 2018 conference took place in June in Turin, Italy. According to the description on the Bilderberg Group’s official website, the main topics included European populism, the development of artificial intelligence, quantum computer technology and the era of “post-truth”. Apparently the actual content and results of the discussion of the meeting were never reported.

Therefore, the Bilderberg Group is of course one location where conspiracy theorists want to draw material. They describe the Bilderberg group as true evidence of the theory that a very small number of elites control the world and that the participants are planning a New World Order.

On the subject of strange things, let’s give a few examples. In June 2018, the British royal family was also caught up in conspiracy theories. When Prince Harry and his wife Meghan attended a show, they were held motionless by the camera, like two stiff and blunt robots. Later clips went viral on the internet and internet users were in an uproar: many people believed that the respected members of the royal family were really high-tech robots.

The management of the London Museum, Madame TussaudsHe later explained the secret by discovering that Harry and Meghan were only played by two actors who wore extremely highly realistic wax masks on their faces – all to promote an exhibition of wax figures – and inadvertently caused a stir.

In this short video, Harry and Meghan didn’t change their faces and their facial expressions were stiff like robots. Consequently, conspiracy theorists used this as evidence that they were robots secretly built by the British royal family.

This argument is an extension of the “trivial evidence” mentioned above. The reasoning leaders ignore any reasoning process and directly draw the final conclusion through the “trivial evidence” mentioned above. This conclusion is very topical and quite appealing. With the rapid spread of the Internet, the “quick truth” is of course recognized and sought by many.

I think many people still remember the “Mandela Effect”, which spread wildly on the Internet in the early years, as a false memory. The name “Mandela Effect” is said to come from Fiona Broome, a self-described “paranormal counselor” who created a website called the “Mandela Effect”. Proponents of the “Mandela Effect” claim to “remember” that former South African President Mandela died in prison in the 1980s. But in reality, after his release from prison, Mandela was President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999 and died in December 2013.

So why would anyone believe this seemingly absurd statement? The Internet has become a support platform for a lot of false content, fake news as well as unreasonableness and lack of justification. When someone shared this “false memory” with others on the Internet, many people believed it was true and suddenly even remembered having had this memory: “Mandela died in prison that year”.

As a result, lies that contradict the facts continue to spread. The lie is repeated a thousand times and many believe it to be the truth: This learning phase is the first misleading rule on the Internet.

In the Internet age, multidimensional, cross-platform capabilities have spawned a number of online “malignancies” of conspiracy theories. In addition, their ability to disseminate is not limited to just “believers”. Since online social media offers a widespread and wide distribution platform, you pass it on to ten people, ten to a hundred, a hundred to a thousand, and so it goes geometrically and thus becomes a ‘hot’ topic on the internet in an absolute Truth. Those who want to believe are naturally ready and willing to do so. In addition, these misconceptions on the internet can even affect the real world.

At the political level, for example, everyone can now comment and participate in the online arena. In order for politicians to have the right to speak and set the agenda, it is crucial to rely on public instructions on the internet. Internet discourse has become the dominant factor in political storytelling, not the other way around. The characteristics of social networks in particular are the breeding ground for conspiracy theories.

The Internet is easy to spread to the public and is precisely the breeding ground for conspiracy theories.

Nowadays, conspiracy theories are enough to influence politics and even political developments. A particular conspiracy theory gains a number of supporters through the Internet, which makes it a hotly debated topic among the public. Hence, it enters the real political arena from within the virtual community and its influence can change the direction of government decisions.

Looked at from a different perspective, when conspiracy theories are posted on the Internet and continue to multiply – regardless of whether the Illuminati exist or not – they are enough to establish a New World Order. Real public opinion as well as the composition of opinion and the basis of social discussions are changed and thus countries, politics and rulers of the world are influenced.

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