Tourists can buy zoo tickets in foreign currency, to increase their income

Foreigners entering the National Zoological Garden will be able to purchase their entrance tickets in foreign currency once the relevant system is implemented in the next two months, the secretary of the Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Forest Resources said. , RMCM Herath. She said the ministry also plans to introduce an electronic ticketing system allowing visitors to buy their tickets online before reaching the relevant zoo. The secretary said this during a meeting with heads and representatives of state media institutions held yesterday.

She also said that the wildlife conservation departments and the national zoological gardens plan to implement several other programs to increase their annual income next year. The Department of Wildlife Conservation plans to increase its annual income to 3,000 million rupees from 1,500 million rupees this year by opening new circuit bungalows, introducing new camping sites and opening national parks and shrines such as Ussangoda, Somawathiya, Bellanwila and Attidiya for tourists.

The National Zoological Gardens Department plans to increase revenue to Rs 1,500 million from this year’s Rs 450 million by introducing new income generating activities and increasing the number of animal species at Pinnawala Zoological Garden , thus attracting more tourists.

Besides, the Department of Wildlife Conservation will also implement several other programs to increase its annual revenue from tourism services to 350 million rupees from 66 million rupees next year, she pointed out.