Trump speaks to John Durham’s radio silence


Former President Donald Trump says he did not hear a beep from Special Adviser John Durham as he concludes his year-long investigation into the origins and conduct of the Russia investigation.

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt posed the question during one Thursday wide-ranging interview with the 45th President, who for a long time referred to the investigation of special investigator Robert Mueller as a “witch hunt” that had targeted his allies and himself.

“I’ve never heard of Durham, never. I’ve never heard of him,” Trump told Hewitt after asking if the former president had been contacted for an interview or if he knew anything about the special investigator’s progress.

This is a track with what former Rep. Trey Gowdy said in his podcast in May.

“There are people who were really high up in government. Like the last government I spoke to last week who were really high up in government, and they have no idea,” said the former federal prosecutor.

Rep. Devin Nunes, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, often praises investigations for lack of leaks and says it is a “good sign” that Durham is in charge a “legitimate” operation.


Even so, Trump often asks, “Where is Durham?” on a show of frustration stemming from the 2020 election while meeting with then Attorney General William Barr for not pushing Durham prepare a report or charges in advance of his confrontation against current President Joe Biden.

During the entire investigation, Durham filed only one criminal complaint against the former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith, who admitted Modify an email through a Trump campaign aide under government surveillance. However, earlier this month it was reported that the federal prosecutor had submitted Proof in front of a grand jury, a sign that he is considering further criminal charges.

His team interviewed a number of senior officials, including former CIA director John Brennanbut is now focuses on low-level FBI agents. Durham, a former US attorney in Connecticut, is expected to submit a full report by the end of the summer. However, that deadline is likely to be postponed, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Durham’s efforts have long been criticized by Democrats and lawyers who claim the investigation is intended to undermine Mueller’s investigation alleged links between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia. Even so, Trump and his allies have campaigned to eradicate corrupt officials to settle political scores.

Mueller’s team failed to discover a criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. However, his report outlined 10 cases of possible obstruction of justice that the Democrats used as a roadmap for impeachment. The investigation also led to multiple convictions and confessions of guilt by Trump staff on charges unrelated to collusion with Russia.


In his interview with Hewitt, Trump made several allegations of espionage and conspiracies. He also accused the Biden administration of reverting to “crooked policies” which he hoped Durham would crack down on.

“Every time I speak I say, ‘Where is Durham?’ That should never have been brought into the Biden administration, “Trump said.” They spied on my campaign and didn’t pay for it. We caught them and yet they used prosecutors against Republicans across the country. They are using them so illegally. They are using the IRS their old games, OK? By the way, they’re good at that. They’re good at that, it’s crooked politics. “

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