Ukrainian foreign student worries about his family back home

Sofia Lobas is a second year student at SHS. She said she was grateful to everyone who stepped up to support her, but was worried about issues at home.

SEMINOLE, Texas – Seminole High School has an international student from Ukraine. Most of his family members arrived safely in Germany, but others are still stuck in the war-torn country.

With the help of people from the Seminole community, a 5 km run and walk was set up. All the money raised will go to his family in Ukraine. The 5K will take place on April 2.

NewsWest 9 spoke with Seminole High School sophomore Sofiia Lobas. She said she was grateful to everyone who stepped up to support her and her family, but said back home there was still a lot of uncertainty.

“On social media we see what is happening between Ukraine and Russia and I see the images showing dead people and how people are sitting in the basement with no access to food or water “, said Lobas. “I scroll and hope it’s not someone I know.”

Lobas said most of his family members were able to travel to Germany, but others are still in Ukraine, like his grandfather.

“He had a choice to leave the country but he decided to stay in Ukraine to protect the business,” Lobas said. “The main idea was to help people because he had his own business with food. He serves food like milk and meat to people in need.”

Sofia said she was extremely grateful for all the support she received from her home away from home.

“5K is possible because Seminole is ready to support Ukraine,” Lobas said. “Even when it seems so far away, people understand and want to make changes.”

Sofia said her foreign exchange program allowed her to be at Seminole High School until June. She said she still doesn’t know what will happen after that or when she will return to Ukraine.

The 5K will take place on April 2. The start line will be at the rear parking lot at 2100 North West Avenue. People can register on site from 3:30 p.m. The race starts at 4:00 p.m.